Learn Java the simple way.

Feeling frustrated and lost trying to learn Java in school or on your own?

I know exactly how you feel.

And trust me -  it’s not your fault.

Learning takes dedication from the student - there’s just no doubt about that.

But it also takes having an instructor who understands what it’s like feeling so stuck.

My goal is to clarify all of these topics in the way that would have changed everything for me as a learner.

Hi, I’m JOHN!

I know how it feels to be frustrated trying to learn programming. And Java in particular.

It takes dedication, focus, and curiosity. But that’s not all it takes.

In college when I was learning to program, I absolutely loved it. But when I hit snags, trying to get through the gaps in my understanding was so frustrating.

I would go to my professors for help, and they didn’t understand why I was struggling.

They were explaining it in a way that made perfect sense to them. But it made NO sense to me.

Now I spend my time helping others with everything that used to make me tear my hair out. (And look at me now - not much of any hair left!)

I'm a Lead Java Software Engineer, and have been in the industry for over 10 years.

I've also tutored beginner Java students, and I know these concepts don't have to be complicated.

I know what makes code great (not just fine). And I know exactly the kinds of skills I want in a developer on my team.

I want to teach you all the best methods for making beautiful, functional, Java code so you have employers and other developers begging you to work with them.


Get concrete, actionable tips and strategies for creating AMAZING Java code.

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